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The first consultation is a free 30 minutes of our knowledge. Whether you are brand new, already own a bus, or have lived tiny for decades there’s always something to talk about.

Consultations are $30/half hour after the initial complimentary session. Many use this feature for their solar questions, plumbing questions, and appliance questions.


When was the last time you drove a school bus?

Before you buy a school bus, schedule an orientation with us and see how a bus sounds, drives, and feels.

We have a selection of vehicles available at our shop. Understand the differences between a flat nosed bus or conventional bus. See how a 4 speed transmission differs from a 5 speed. Hear the difference between a front and rear engine bus. Experience how a raised roof feels in person!

Not only will you master driving training with us, but you’ll also pick up some new tips and tricks to keep your vehicle running in the best condition.