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Wiring: hourly shop rate

Solar System Design and Installation

One of the greatest advancements in nomadic living has been the progress made in solar energy in the last decade. Prices are constantly dropping while quality improves and now, the option to live off the grid, off fossil-fueled energy without giving up the amenities of modern life is within the reach of even more modest conversion budgets. We have done countless installs from a hundred watt panel into a golf cart battery in a van to 3.4kw of panels into a $40,000 lithium battery on a land-yacht. We can help you design and install a safe and reliable energy system to meet your needs and budget. Whether your bus is already done, or you’re half-way there and in over your head, we can help you get powered up from the energy of our friendly star.

AC/DC system wiring

Maybe you already have your core solar system components, or perhaps you just want us to run the wires now, so you can add it later, either way, we are experienced in wiring AC and DC systems and follow the ABYC standards for wiring, using only the highest quality marine-grade equipment. From the battery bank to the air conditioner, we can keep those magic pixies where they belong—working hard for you!