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Roof Raises: $8000-$15000

Raising the roof allows the owner to enjoy taller interior height for added storage space and room for floor and ceiling insulation—improving resilience to external temperatures. After the raise, the bus is a blank canvas and most owners opt to replace the original bus windows with RV windows—another major upgrade in itself. If your conversion is going to be a full-time home, consider a roof raise a worthwhile investment in your own comfort.

Timeline: Roof Raises take about 4 weeks from start to finish. We are generally on a 3 month waitlist for Roof Raises.

Cost: Cost will depend on the final height of the raise, length of the bus, and how we deal with existing window, door, and emergency exit openings, as well as the general condition of the bus. If the bus has rust, this is definitely the time to clear it up.