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Rough ins: $25,000 - $35,000

All rough-ins generally include the following services and can be packaged together to fit your needs and budget to provide a rock solid foundation for your new home on wheels.

  • Vertical and Horizontal Strapping

  • Fresh Water Installation

  • Grey Water Tank Installation

  • Solar Installation

  • All Interior Wiring and Plumbing

  • Wall Framing

  • Spray Foam

  • Foam Board and Subfloor

  • RV Windows

  • Boxed in Wheel Wells

Timeline: Rough Ins generally take about 3 months to complete. We are generally on a 4 month waitlist for Rough Ins.

Cost: Costs depend on the size of the bus, materials used, how detailed the blueprint is, and how far we take it, but most rough-ins will get you 80% of the way ‘there’ for only 60% of the cost of a turn-key build.